Upcoming Events:

Come train inside this winter in a warm, friendly environment!
Winter Agility Run-Thru's in 2016- 2017 
dates coming soon
Sunday's 9:30AM-11:30AM
This is a great opportunity to get some additional practice while socializing with friends & having an all around good time!
Pre-registration is not required.  ONLY $12 per dog NOT per run thru!!!
Bo-Gee CPE Agility Trial's in 2016
New for 2016 Pairs-A-Palooza!!! Pairs-A-Palooza 2016 2.pdf
Zip Memorial Agility Series 2016!!!  Zip Memorial 2016.pdf
March 4-6    Inside, All Dogs Gym, Manchester, NH  Judge Paul Stusalitus  Click here for premium 
April 29-May 1  Outdoors, Deerfield Fairgrounds, Deerfield, NH  Judge Mark Giles  Click here for premium

May 13-15  Inside, AK9C,  Amherst, NH  Judge Sheila Vara  Click here for premium

June 24-26  Outside, Deerfield Fair Grounds, Deerfield, NH Judge Mary Phalon  Click here for premium

Aug 19-21 Outside  NIGHT TRIAL! Deerfield Fair Grounds,  Deerfield, NH Judge Sarah Carson  Click here for premium

Here's the link to Bill Young's video highlighting our 1st nit trial:   http://youtu.be/p2f3XjQiuY8

Sept 30-Oct 2  Indoors, AK9C, Amherst, NH  Judge Liz Shattuck Click here for premium

Oct 21-23  Outside, Deerfield Fair Grounds, Deerfield, NH  Judge Trisha Stall Click here for premium

Nov 25-27  Indoors, AK9C,Amherst, NH  Judge Mike Conroy  Click here for premium

All trials are limited entry & use the "first received" method. Premiums will be posted here as they become available.