Upcoming Events:

Come train inside this winter in a warm, friendly environment!!
		      Agility Run-Thru's !!!			
Sunday Sept 20th, Oct 4th, Nov 15th & Dec 20th
This is a great opportunity to get some additional practice while socializing with friends & having an all around good time!
Pre-registration is not required.  ONLY $10 per dog NOT per run thru!!!
Bo-Gee CPE Agility Trial's in 2015 
Bo-Gee proudly announces the Zip Memorial Agility Series
Click here for the flier:  Zip Memorial agility series 2015.pdf
Results for Zip's Memorial Series:  Zip Reg thru May.pdf  Zip Vet's thru May.pdf  Zip Enthu thru May.pdf  Zip Specialist thru May.pdf
Feb 27-March 1    Inside, AK9C, LIMITED, First RECEIVED  Judge Sheila Vara Click here for Premium

April 24-26            Outside, Deerfield Fairgrounds, LIMITED First RECEIVED  Judge John Raymond  Click here for premium

May 9-10               Inside, AK9C,  LIMITED, First RECEIVED !!!  Judge Carol Thom Click here for premium

June 19-21           Outside, Deerfield Fair Grounds,  LIMITED, First RECEIVED !!! Judge Mary Phalon  Click here for premium

Aug 14-16            Outside  NIGHT TRIAL! Deerfield Fair Grounds,  LIMITED, First RECEIVED!!! Judge Mike Conroy  Click here for premium

Sept 25-27            Indoors, AK9C, LIMITED, First RECEIVED!! Judge Bobbie Kurivial  Click here for premium

Oct 16-18             Outside, Deerfield Fair Grounds, LIMITED, First RECEIVED !!!  Judge Nancy May Click here for premium

Nov 20-22             Indoors, AK9C, LIMITED, First RECEIVED!! Judge Doreen Lucius                


Bo-Gee CPSP Obedience & WCR Rally Event's in 2015                          

April 4 CDSP Obedience trials Judge Rachel Brostrom  CDSP BoGee April 2015Premium.pdf

April 12              WCR Cynosport Rally Trials Judge Carolyn Ross  Bo-Gee April 2015 WCR Premium.pdf

Other Event's being held at Bo-Gee in 2015

Long Haired Whippet Show  Saturday, Oct 3rd

 Teacup Agility Competitions Saturday Oct 31st, Nov 28th, Dec 19th

Above all sponsored by Tova Training,  e-mail Jean at tovahounds@gmail.com FMI