Introducing the first graduates of the AKC Star Puppy Program

Congratulations AKC Star puppies and their owners!


"I have to tell you, Laura, this is the best puppy class I have ever attended.  Barb Burri, our instructor, is just so awesome!  The puppies had fun while learning all of these important life skills.  We have already signed up for our next set of classes with her.  Thank you"


HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Laura Raymond & Ferris

Ferris won HIT Specialist Standard, HIT Specialist Games AND HIT Specialist Champion plus HIT Labrador at the 2009 CPE Nationals!

Visit our 2007 CPE National Agility Championship page honoring all those folks from our area as well as Bo-Gee students who participated!


Bo-Gee Students:
TEAM win at Skowhegan CPE Agility Trial Sue and Macy at CPE Nationals in Nova Scotia 2007


Gizmo earns his C-ATCH!

Congratulations Michele and Gizmo

Joanne with Lukas

at CPE Nationals in Nova Scotia

High in Standard 16" Regular Level C

Penny earns a C-ATCH in Springfield!

Congratulations Judy and Penny

Minnie earns a C-ATCH!

Congratulations Mary and Minnie

Duncan earns his C-ATCH !

Congratulations Denise and Duncan

Risk completing his USDAA Advanced Agility Dog title & Advanced Versatility title

Maddy earns her C-ATCH !

Congratulations Alice and Maddy

Risk A Million earns his C-ATCH

at Breeze Thru agility trial on February 16th!  



HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Laura Raymond & Ferris

on earning CPE Enthusiast C-ate at the Bo-Gee trial on October 19!

Quite possibly the first in the nation!!!!


Sarah and her Shibas with lots of Qs and blue ribbons!





Peg & Molly on their RN Rally title

Rhonda and Mishawum's Art of Zen on their RN Rally title

Barb & Kestrel on their RA Rally title, CD Obedience title, and CL-2 CPE Agility title

Barb and Hawke on their CLS-1 CPE Agility title

Peg & Molly on their RA Rally title

Eve & Jazz on their RE Rally title

Eve & Bravo on their RE Rally title

Rhonda on her second leg of their RN Rally title

Barb & Kestrel on their NA Agility title.  This is Kestrel's 4th title this year!  She is now

                                    Burri's Celestial Kestrel, CD, RA, NA, CL-2, CGC

Sue & Macy on their CL-2 CPE Agility title

Rhonda & Zen, Judy  & Rosie,  Mark & Westley, Eunice & Jaime, Sarah & Zen, Eunice & Seti all earned their Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate at Bo-Gee!!

Barb & Kestrel finished her U-CD, (United Kennel Club Companion Dog title).  She is now U-CD Burri's Celestial Kestrel, CD, RE, NA, CGC, CC, CL-2.  Kestrel has now completed 6 titles this year, 4 AKC obedience/rally 1 UKC obedience, 1 CPE  agility!

And if anyone asks, she thinks she should be going to Disney land!!!!